Who we are

Well Nation Africa is a Level 1 BBBEE Wellness Technology Company serving the African population and organisations across all industry sectors. We work with organisations across all industry sectors to deliver affordable and innovative technology-based technology solutions, while helping to control health-related costs.

We are dedicated to helping organisations and businesses create healthier and happier workplaces and improve the wellbeing of their customers.

Wellness Risk Management, Behaviour Modification, Participant Engagement and Incentive Management

Through cloud-based technology, Well Nation Africa offers scalable, easy-to-set-up and platform-driven technology solutions for organisations that seek to mitigate against individual wellbeing risks while improving organisational productivity. Our integrated health risk assessments, tracking and reporting tools, and targeted training programmes, drive positive behaviour change while rewarding participants through an automated incentive fulfillment system.

Solution Flexibility and Scalability that Meets the Needs of Any Organization

Our health and wellness solutions can accommodate organisations of every size and our technology platform supports a broad range of objectives—from basic participation based employee wellness programmes to health outcomes driven programmes.

Our Partners

Partner with us to improve the wellbeing of your organisation and your people

Together we can help build a Well Nation and a Well Africa.