Focusing on employee wellbeing has become critically important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While it is important to recognise the importance of workplace hygiene and safety, organisations must also recognise and support their employees’ physical, mental, emotional, financial and social wellbeing. The stress and uncertainty employees are experiencing right now is taking a massive toll on all aspects of their wellbeing—physical, mental, sleep, nutrition and financial. The impact of what they are experiencing today will reverberate for the next several years, directly impacting employee engagement, productivity and performance. 

We understand that employee wellbeing and safety has become top priority for organisations and therefore we offer organisations the option to implement our wellness solution integrated with a touchless COVID-19 risk management solution.

This integrated solutions offers the Well Nation Africa Platform to equip employees with behaviour modification tools they need to prevent the onset of chronic diseases (such as diabetes, hypertension and cancer) and a touchless COVID-19 risk management solution for the workplace.

Organisations have the option to add the touchless COVID-19 risk management solution which features:

  • Access to Education platforms to provide employees with COVID-19 information

  • Access to Lynx-Virtual platform for touchless workforce self-screening and self-testing

  • Access to the Qode’s Lynx-mHealth platform for workforce COVID-19 screening, testing and management

  • Access to the Lynx-HCF platform for screening, monitoring and clinical case management granted to healthcare professionals

  • Access to the data and reports within the Knowledge Centre environment

The following outcomes are expected:

  • Increased user knowledge and competence on chronic disease and COVID-19 prevention via interactive and online education platforms accessible through mobile, tablet and web devices

  • Enhanced business performance outcomes through automated screening applications to efficiently link high-risk users to appropriate online resources, e-coaching programmes, virtual consultations with health and wellness professionals, and referral for appropriate medical care

  • Increased analytical capacity of facilities for effective Monitoring & Evaluation of chronic disease risk and COVID-19 in the workplace

  • Improved rapid response activities through efficient coordination and deployment of resources

  • Enhanced analytical capabilities across facilities and workforce levels within industry.